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Infine Windows Repair is a system repairing utility, this software can: 1, Automatic Repair System: It can repair system illegal modification which like stop IE, stop IE homepage setting, stop Windows Explorer folder option setting, stop registry editor etc. 2, Processes Management: Provide powerful process management functions, like process modules analysis and diagnosis (system module, embedded module and auto startup module), threads analysis, system entry restore (like SSDT and native API), process and thread force terminate, file force delete etc. 3, Auto Startup Items Analysis: Analyze auto startup registry items, auto startup folders, system services, system drivers, tasks. Highlight suspicious auto startup item, and provide ability to clear. 4, System Loaded Modules Analysis: Analyze all system loaded modules, highlight suspicious modules, and provide ability to unload or delete. 5, System Shell Clear: Clear Windows illegal shell setting, Internet Explorer illegal shell setting (like illegal embedded toolbars and menus). 6, System Clear and Optimize: Clear invalid registry items and files, optimize safety system setting, clear system history (like Internet Explorer history clear completely).

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